Welcome to Birch Lake Elementary

Educating and enriching the whole child as an individual.

Our objectives:

  • All students know their own innate value.
  • All students better the earth, locally and globally.
  • All students take ownership of learning to exceed growth goals.
  • All students discover their full potential to pursue future aspirations.
  • All students meaningfully serve and contribute to their community.
Student reading a book


Birch Lake Elementary

Our Mission

The mission of Birch Lake Elementary, a welcoming and diverse community of learners at the heart of White Bear Lake, is to educate and enrich the whole child as an individual through a vital system distinguished by:

  • Innate value of self and others recognized, respected, and nurtured
  • Potential unlocked through discovery of talents and interests
  • Uniqueness embraced, celebrated, and honored  
  • Global stewards caring for our earth and its people
  • Students, families, and community engaged as partners in lifelong learning