Message to Sunrise community regarding library book weeding procedures

Please see this message below that was sent to Sunrise families this morning:

Hello Sunrise families,

We are aware that you may have seen a recent social media post made by a community member that has been circulating. The post contains a photo of outdated library books in our recycle bin, as Sunrise’s media specialist was recently weeding through the collection.

Before removing the outdated books, the proper book disposal protocol was followed by checking in with a partner organization “Better World Books” to donate as many of the materials as possible, giving books to teachers in the district for classroom purposes and distributing them to Little Free Libraries placed throughout the White Bear area. Additionally, Sunrise’s media specialist had also reached out to multiple other organizations to donate the books that either didn’t meet a specified criteria because of the outdated content, required a fee or aren’t accepting donations with COVID-19 restrictions.

As a school community, we place great value on taking all of the steps possible that we can to repurpose our outdated materials when following the weeding and book removal procedures. The weeding procedure is important to help us find a new home for books 10 years and older to ensure that materials are keeping up-to-date with the needs of ever-changing curriculum, school goals and student needs. 

We understand that community members ended up picking up a few of the books and might be finding another purpose for them.

We appreciate your continued partnership in ensuring we are doing all we can together to be stewards in our community.

Thank you,
Christina Pierre
Sunrise Park Middle School Principal

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